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Discover Scuba 

Come and try out scuba diving with us for an hour in the pool!From 8 years old on, you will have fun while trying out all the scuba diving equipment and it might help you decide whether to go ahead with the Open Water Course.

Price for this course - $75

Try Scuba Diving 

Try Scuba Diving! It’s your opportunity to discover the magical world of colorful fish and living reefs in crystal clear blue and warm water - Scuba Diving! There’s nothing like it. Scuba Diving is much easier than you think and Try Scuba Diving will prepare you to participate in this new sport that awaits you. Dive into a whole new world.

The Try Scuba portion of the program is designed to simply introduce you to scuba diving in a pool or confined water. Once you complete your pool or confined water training, continue your adventure in the open water by continuing in the Passport Scuba Diver Program. 
Price for this course - $75

Passport Scuba Diver

Passport Scuba Diver certification is completing the required open water dives with a NAUI Instructor. Upon successful completion, you may continue to enjoy scuba diving under the direct supervision of a NAUI Instructor or dive leader for up to 12 months. Engaging in such activities during the initial 12-month period automatically extends your passport for an additional 12 months. NAUI Passport Scuba Divers are qualified to participate in supervised dives in conditions similar to those in which they are trained.
Price for this course - $100

Scuba Diving Certification Courses, (NAUI or PADI)

e-Learning and Classroom Sessions

You will receive and in-depth education on dive theory,  dive physics and dive physiology. The Academic classes are held through the e-Learning Course which can be done at any time and place convenient for you.  The e-Learning includes nine online chapters , small quizzes after each chapter, and a final online exam after the completion of the course.  Additional lectures will be held in the classroom with your instructor for in-depth clarification and questions.

Pool Training Sessions 

The pool training sessions are designed to help you enjoy a smooth transition into the underwater world. These sessions help you relax and have fun in the water using scuba equipment. All this is accomplished with your instructor by your side. We will have plenty of time to cover all scuba skills and gain proficiency in scuba techniques. There will be five confined water sessions.  Additional sessions can be added if needed.

Open Water Check-Out Dive Sessions 

All four of your open water check-out dives will be done in one of several locations in Ohio or off the shores of South Florida. On these dives you will confidently demonstrate scuba skills that were practiced in the pool. You will not be asked to do anything that you have not already practiced in the pool.

Price for this course- $475

Included in this rate:

  • E-Learning material
  • Confined water sessions
  • Log Book
  • Certification Fees
  • DAN Student Insurance
  • Free Rental of Scuba Equipment to Completion of Open Water

Combination course for Open Water Course and Enriched Air Course price is $575

This rate excludes the cost for the open water check out dives. Please call our store at 614-948-3481 or stop into our shop today for more information.

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