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Seasoft Absilube

All silicone grease is not created equal. Silicone grease is a fantastic lubricant that is a combination of silicone oil (polydimethylsiloxane) and a high quality thickener like amorphous fumed silica. When it is mixed in the right proportions and is pure with no other inexpensive additives thrown in, pure silicone grease has a snow white appearance and a greasy, Crisco like appearance. SEASOFT’s ABSILUBE Pure Silicone Grease is engineered and manufactured to the highest standards. It is the same pure silicone grease used by NASA and other space programs when a high quality, pure silicone grease is required. SEASOFT’s ABSILUBE Pure Silicone Grease is perfect for O-ring lubrication, regulator re-builds and servicing, and any other location where a high quality lubricant and protectant is required. ABSILUBE Pure Silicone Grease not only lubricates, it protects and acts as a corrosion-inhibitor. It can be used on both rubber and stainless steel parts. It is valued for its protective qualities because it does not cause rubber parts to swell or increase in size.

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