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Seasoft Sunrays Boot 3mm


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  • Hard sole to prevent cramping

  • Athletic-like footwear

  • U.S. Military, police, and fire department approved!

The SEASOFT Sunrays™ are a warm water version of the Stealth™ and will deliver the same performance but in a 3 mm version with a mid-top fit! And it has the same great arch support. 

A soft soled bootie makes you use the small muscle groups for the kicking motion. Why? Because inside the foot pocket your foot is flexing up and down against the fin foot pocket. This causes the small muscle groups to do the work that the large muscle groups were designed to do. This causes cramps and costs you energy, speed, air and distance. 

All SEASOFT Boots have a hard sole that inside the fin foot pocket gives you complete control of your fins. Be more comfortable and faster because you use your thighs, calves and buttocks, the big muscle groups, to provide your power to move you through the water.

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