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TUSA Element 113 Gauge Console


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  • TUSA Element 2 Gauge Computer Console:

  • Compact Computer and Pressure Gauge Console

  • Easy for any diver to understand with single button puck-style module

  • Air and Nitrox (21-50%) Operating Modes

  • Manual or Water-Activation

  • Deep Stop Feature and Standard Safety Stop

  • User-Replaceable Battery with Hot-Swap

  • Free CR2450 Spare Battery

  • Buhlmann ZHL-16c Pelagic Z+ Model Modified Haldanean 12 Compartment Algorithm

  • Depth Display: 330' (100 meters)

  • Comprehensive Owner's Manual

The TUSA Element dive computer features a deep stop function for additional safety. The deep stop mode is activated when a dive exceeds 80' (24 meters) for more than 1 second. Upon ascent past 50' (15 meters), the computer will display a deep safety stop screen and the recommended stop at 40' (12 meters) for a period of 2 minutes. This deep stop is highly recommended as additional opportunity to off-gas but is not mandatory. If the diver chooses not to serve the stop it will not adversely affect the remaining no-decompression limits of the dive.

The Element Computer is a full feature dive instrument that is a single button puck-style computer. Computer is both air and nitrox (21-50%) compatible and has a manual or water-activated start-up feature. Computer is powered by a user replaceable CR2450 lithium battery and comes with a spare battery for convenience. TUSA Algorithm is based on Buhlmann ZHL-16c Pelagic Z+ model a modified Haldanean 12 compartment algorithm. Computer features include a maximum depth display of 330' (100 meters), imperial or metric units, temperature, 12/24-hour format, pre-dive plan mode from 30'-190' (9-57 meters), time to fly and de-saturation countdowns, 12 dive log memory function and more.

Computer console comes with TUSA's pressure gauge. This rugged easy to read pressure gauge has color coded pressure readout for added safety. The gauge measures pressure from 0 to 5,000 psi. The 0 to 500 psi section is colored in bright red to denote reserve air, the 1,000 to 5,000 psi section is color coded in blue. Pressure gauge is also equipped with a thermometer measuring temperature from 0° to 100° Fahrenheit. The both the computer and gauge are incased in an impact resistant boot with an eyelet for attachment of a lanyard or clip. HP hose is 7/16" threaded.

TUSA is the first company in the world to incorporate Lumi-Nova light storage dials, a groundbreaking innovation offering several times the brightness of conventional dials, as well as longer luminescence times. The entire face glows bright enough to make it ideal for night diving or diving in dark areas but contains no radioactive materials. Computer comes with a comprehensive owner's manual.

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