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Solla Fin TUSA


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  • Powered by ForceLast Technology

  • Unparalleled Performance and Efficiency

  • Material: Proprietary Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE) Compound

  • Compound is Precisely Positioned in an Advanced Blade and Foot Pocket Structure

  • TUSA's Patented 20° Angled Blade Design (A.B.D.):

    Optimized 3-Channel Crescent Shaped Blade

    Maximizes Efficiency Thru-Out Kicking Cycle

  • Reinforced Side-Rails and Vents

  • Multi-Compound Anatomic Open Heel Foot Pocket

  • Blade Lengths: 22" to 24.7" (55.7 to 62.7 cm), Size Dependent

  • Available in Multiple Sizes and Colors

The SF-22 Solla combines TUSA's rich history of performance fin design with the latest advanced materials and hydrodynamic innovations. A completely new design, the Solla has several unique features that deliver superior propulsion, speed and maneuverability. The SF-22 is powered by ForceLast Technology which offers unparalleled performance and efficiency previously unseen in a traditional blade fin. The fins are manufactured with a proprietary thermoplastic elastomer (TPE) compound precisely positioned in an advanced blade and foot pocket structure. ForceLast delivers superior propulsion, efficiency and speed even with moderate power input.

In addition to ForceLast Technology, the Solla features TUSA's patented 20° angled blade design (A.B.D.), an optimized 3-channel crescent shaped blade with reinforced side rails and vents, a multi-compound anatomic foot pocket and TUSA's anatomic fin strap (A.F.S.) and EZ Buckle System. TUSA open heel fins are equipped with a newly designed anatomic fin strap (AFS). The AFS is anatomically shaped to offer a balance of flexibility and control to increase comfort, power transfer and too significantly reduce heel slippage found in many standard flat fin straps.

TUSA's EZ Strap and buckle system allows fins to be quickly and easily adjusted with minimal effort. Adjustment can be made while the fins are worn, allowing for a precise fit and ease of removal when necessary. The Solla Fins are available in multiple sizes and colors. Fin has blade lengths of 22" to 24.7" (55.7 to 62.7 cm).

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