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XS Scuba Combo Console Gauge


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  • Easy to read displays

  • Pressure and depth gauges, optional compass on the back of console so you never get lost!

The front side of this combo console gauge includes a depth gauge and a submersible pressure gauge.

  • Depth gauge (p/n GP02)
    - 200 foot maximum or 60 meter maximum
    - Air filled, steel diaphragm construction
    - Maximum depth indicator needle
    - Luminescent gauge face

  • Submersible pressure gauge (p/n GP01)
    - 0 to 5000 psi or 0 to 420 bar
    - Highly accurate, Bourdon tube design
    - Built-in thermometer (ºF/ºC)
    - Luminescent gauge face

The back side of this combo console includes an optional compass with a removable slate on the reverse side, and attachment clip and a 36" high pressure hose. 

GA201 (psi/feet)
GA201M (bar/meters)

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