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SEAC Touch Mask


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  • No-frame design reduces weight and provides one of the largest fields-of-view | extremely low volume design | swiveling, easy adjusting buckles

  • Ideal for hunters and photographers | perfect back-up mask as it folds and fits easily in your BC pocket

  • Clear wide view by a single lens made with high quality tempered glass, anti-fog

  • The touch mask is made with 100% silicone, a better and longer lasting material than plastic PVC. The best for a perfect and comfortable Seal

  • The SEAC touch mask is commonly used for open water diving, pool, Recreation, snorkeling and more

The Seac Touch Mask features a comfortable low profile lightweight frameless mask design. The Seac Touch has a 100% silicone rubber double feathered edge skirt and a wide split strap design which combined for a perfect seal on the divers face. The single front tempered glass lens provides an exceptional field of vision. This low volume mask has an easy to reach one handed nose pocket for ear equalization and the low internal volume makes it easy to clear. The buckle assemblies make adjustments and positioning the mask on the face easy.

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