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Sea Vision Mask with Bifocal Lens and Purge

This mask is for all faces (60-240 lbs). One of a handful of masks that fits almost all faces. This Sea Vision mask goes above and beyond in doing exactly what it's supposed to do - with excellent peripheral vision and availability with bifocal correction. The lenses are of the highest quality, made from material (CR39) which makes them stronger and much more efficient than glass.

Offered with a purge valve.

Advantages of having custom corrective lens masks instead of 'stock corrective lens masks' or 'readers' lenses in your dive mask:

Stock corrective lenses only correct for the Spherical portion of your prescription in half Diopter increments.

If you need bifocal correction, stock corrective lenses only have one position in the lens.

The SeaVision® custom prescription lens provides exact correction for the Spherical, Cylindrical, Axis and Bifocal (often written as ADD) of your prescription. Both positive (+) and negative (-) Diopters are available so you can see perfectly. The SeaVision® mask features a unique, Underwater Bifocal correction. It will be ideally positioned on the lens for optimal in-water use. These custom lenses will work like your eyeglasses you use on land.

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